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 Happy Lunar New Year 2017! Hail the year of the Rooster 🐔

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Kenny Nathan

Kenny Nathan

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Happy Lunar New Year 2017! Hail the year of the Rooster 🐔 Empty
PostSubject: Happy Lunar New Year 2017! Hail the year of the Rooster 🐔   Happy Lunar New Year 2017! Hail the year of the Rooster 🐔 EmptyFri Jan 27, 2017 1:17 pm

I just wanted to have a quick word to everyone in MCM.  I first came to this apocolyptically horrifying reality on September 30th 2016, at exactly 10:40:04AM... well, according to Malton timezone xD I'm in Vietnam by the way, and I just noticed time in Vietnam is 6 hours later than Malton's. So I think the exact time might have been 4:40:04PM the same day Very Happy Oh my Lord... 4 4 4 xD I love it when numbers make such an interesting pattern! Anyway, it really has been a fun ride, an amazing not Too deadly year with you folks :v You all have been around much longer, years it seems and yet everyone is somehow still keeping up with the liveliness and being really active, which is incredible. However, I bet it's not as noisy as it used to be years ago and I wish I could do something about it... but in my capability, that just seems unlikely :< On the other brighter hand, you still try your best to keep the group going so that you can have enough reasons to keep fighting for humanity in this community, in the city of Malton! And for that, I can't find any other better words to describe how happy and glad I am to be in MCM! I bet other human groups, even the zed groups, especially the GMT Breakfast Club right now is still trying to squash us, are helping to make this whole community totally "undead" Wink See what I did there? But no pun intended! I honestly wanna type out more, but my English is pretty limited. See how I only use simple words? xD Yeah... They usually say: "New year, new me" If only that could imply to my vocabulary, as in learning new words, but not to my laziness or possibly a gain of weight since I've been eating so much chocolate. They're just so fricken good! :v OH DEAR, look at how distracted I am, I got completely side tracked. Anyway, last thing I wanna say is that: Yall have a fantastic year of 2017! Of course there will be bad things coming your way too. Don't think you can avoid them! You can deal with them, however, in much better ways! Life is colorful, so is the undead, but red is usually what you see from them :v Have a nice day <3 I'm Kenny Nathan, and I eat rice every meal Razz
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Happy Lunar New Year 2017! Hail the year of the Rooster 🐔
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