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 Brain Rot Clinic

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PostSubject: Brain Rot Clinic   Brain Rot Clinic EmptyFri Jan 09, 2009 6:57 am

in urbandead i operate a brain rot clinic i run the place not too far from MCM campus its pippard anyone who has been on MCM campus would know about it well i have been the person running it for a long time since no one actually really stayed there as long as i have and i figured it would be helpful if everyone knew what a brain rot clinic is so i was going to type this up incase anyone is interested in helping out in the clinic which brings me to another thing if that could maybe be a class at MCM well anyway i shall explain the important rules of the brain rot clinic since not all may know. also i'm not really officially part of MCM since i don't think anyone has actually accepted my application but i figured this still may be helpful.

1. Revive zombies that walk into the brain rot clinic don't kill them

2. The only time you may kill a zombie in my clinic is if it is attacking you or it is killing people inside the clinic and maybe if it broke the gennie

3. keep cades at VSB so new people can get in easy and it isn't as hard for the zombies to break the cades to get in and be revived

4. Never change the tag on the wall because unless someone else besides me put it there its important. now if its not what its suppose to be you may change it

5. don't kill other players in my clinic this rule is so enforced but then again we don't usually deal with the problem.

6. Don't curse at people inside of my clinic or just randomly shouts curse words everywhere its very annoying and stupid

7. finally is not really a rule but a tip the brain rot clinic is an easy target for zombie attacks because we keep our cades low and our doors open (not literally) so we don't always see them coming a huge group of zombies can come in all at once and we won't know if they are here to be revived or kill us and by then we probably are already almost all dead.

for any further questions just post it here i guess and sorry if this doesn't seem like it has to do with MCM but i just figured maybe some MCM students are more interested in the reviving dead than patching up the living.
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Sonja Red
Sonja Red

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PostSubject: Re: Brain Rot Clinic   Brain Rot Clinic EmptyFri Jan 09, 2009 2:14 pm

Hey, Killermon. You were accepted into MCM several days ago. I'm sorry that you missed seeing the announcement here or in game! You should have access to the member section of our boards here. If you don't see it then please let me know!

The Brain Rot Revive Clinic has been operating out of Pippard NT for a long time now. Recently though I haven't seen much of those that have officially been running the clinic.

There information is here on the UD wiki:

The forum address is here:

Members of MCM have been working at, defending, supplying and aiding Pippard NT for many months now. I'm glad you have taken an active role in helping out there! I would encourage members of MCM and our allies in the area to support the clinic in any way they can!

_^_ Sonja Red _^_ ,  Former Director of Administrative Services
Brain Rot Clinic MCM-ADMIN-SONJA
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Brain Rot Clinic
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