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 General game play

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Violet Begonia
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PostSubject: General game play   General game play EmptyTue Feb 10, 2009 1:55 pm

Topic 2: General game play


We have a DNR/expelled list, and ask that you bear it in mind when reviving.

Smart combat revives are fine. Don't go around CRing zombies on the street, and never use revives to grief someone just because they don't like CRs. MCM does not grief, not with weapons or words or needles.

We run the revive point at the cemetery [33,20] in Eastonwood. We heal and revive without bias, as long as the person is not on our DNR/expelled list.

Role Play:

We role play. We role play a LOT. If you mind logging in to a page or more of chatter, some of it quite absurd, then MCM is not for you. There's lots of quiet groups out there where you'll be much happier. No hard feelings here if you change your mind; we know we're not for everyone!


No zerging.

Wiki info on zerging
MCM lecture on zerging and why to not zerg

One alt only can be a member of MCM. All other alts should keep a minimum of 10 spaces from MCM, and wait 24 hours before moving into an area near where another alt had been. This adheres to the zerg liste rules. It's best if you keep a full suburb between each of your alts, because this eliminates the chance of accidentally miscounting or losing track of where an alt is and getting too close.

Phones and why we like people to carry them:

They aren't a "requirement" for most MCM personnel, just recommended.

The phone is good for several reasons: 1) the people who travel a lot, such as the security teams who keep the medical runs clear and repaired, are required to carry phones to facilitate communication. They're less vital if you primarily stay in the hospital. 2) They're a good way to communicate "less than family-friendly dialogue" with minors around. 3) people who don't check the forum regularly should REALLY carry a phone.

Handling PKs, bounties, and text rape:

We report most PKs, especially those on-campus, to the Rogue's Gallery. We don't report bounties unless the PKer wants his/her bounty reduced. I strongly prefer that all PKing reports be screenshots edited to remove any chatter from griefers or any speech by the PKer. If there's no speech by the PKer or any griefer activity, then iwitness is fine. Any reports involving TZH should ALWAYS be edited to remove speech.

Text rapes, on or off campus, should be PMed unedited directly to Raharu ASAP. If you aren't sure if something is text rape, PM it to Raharu anyway because it helps establish that there's a pattern of problem behavior in people who are escalating.

If you have a bounty and want to join MCM or are a member of MCM who somehow got a bounty earlier, security needs to help you clear it by arranging to repeatedly shoot and revive you sometime when things are settled.

Screenshots and iwitness

Urban Dead really works best in Firefox. iwitness is one reason why.

Every member of MCM needs to have the ability to take either a screenshot or an iwitness of any questionable behavior or of interesting or fun events. We have a post with helpful tools pinned in the Urban Dead section.

How iwitness works.


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General game play Mcmviolet
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General game play
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