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 How we treat others

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Violet Begonia
Violet Begonia

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PostSubject: How we treat others   How we treat others EmptyTue Feb 10, 2009 2:05 pm

This is the first in a series of statements of policy and practice, of what we expect and how we handle things. This first post defines our entire style of play and interaction. If you are going to join MCM, you need to read this post carefully, because it lets you know both what we expect of you in terms of attitude, and how we expect others in the group to treat you.


Topic 1: How we treat others

language and attitude:

One of the trademark characteristics of MCM has always been that we treat everyone well, with respect and dignity. We do this on the forum, in IRC, and in-game in (or out of) character. We treat each other well.

That's the heart of MCM, and if you sign up to join us, you sign up to treat people well.

This is a friendly forum and a friendly group. People of all ages and skill levels join us. Yes, the person may have a pretty slow learning curve, but we're a SCHOOL. They're here to learn, and we don't get to decide how fast they learn.

Disagreements are okay. No name-calling or personal attacks, either on the forum, in IRC, or in-game. Keep it civil and respectful.

Humor is wonderful, cruel humor isn't.

We don't mind some innuendo, but we have a large number of VERY young players with us, so please try to not be too crude/explicit in the hospital. Anything too explicit for our 13-15 year olds ears can be taken to phone. This is a PG-13 group.

No homophobia, religious or ethnic slurs, or racism, please. Or any other negative "-ism"s, either! Just FYI, I run Violet as openly (and scandalously) bisexual, so you'll be insulting the boss if you start using homophobic language.

Again, this code of conduct is expected not only on the forum, but in-game, and in IRC. There are plenty of venues where you can let loose in whatever manner you choose. #mcm and this forum are not ones where you can, and we like the atmosphere that has resulted.

Killing survivors:

We take the "no killing" thing seriously. We don't kill our GKers and minor griefers, we ignore them. They want attention, we don't give it to them. They get frustrated and leave sooner that way. The only people who can be killed by MCM members, and even then only on campus, are people on the Ignore List and much of TZH, who only come to MCM to grief and kill. We NEVER kill survivors off-campus. EVER.


MCM does not kill "zombie spies". All they can do is 1) GK, which is vandalism and meh, or 2) tell everyone in the horde that wow, the only hospital in two suburbs and a rather well-known large group's HQ is full of people, or 3) PK, which takes more ap due to searching and loading and travel than killing as a zombie. Full skill zombies are the most dangerous opponents in Malton. It's why combat revives work, AP-wise.

Hostile zombies, of course, can be shot and removed from buildings, because this is a zombie apocalypse after all. Don't shoot them in the streets, please. It's a waste of ammo and AP, and does no good since they just stand right back up.

We interact with friendly zombies, and we try to keep them healed to increase the duration of their visit.

Be polite to zombies. They may be the opposition, but they're run by real players just like you, and without them, there would be no game to play.

On PKers:

Most PKers are not a problem at all inside MCM. Give them a chance in MCM, despite whatever history you might have with them. Be polite. Many of them will surprise you - they are often run by very nice people.

On intimate contact/relationships in UD:

If you're going to communicate with someone in a manner that is not family-friendly:

1) Make certain of the age of the person you're contacting first. We have a lot of underaged people in MCM, and I will boot your ass out the door in a heartbeat if you get explicit with an underaged person.

2) Obtain consent before you do or say anything, even a kiss or a joking grab of the bum. Consent is VITAL! Obtain consent at every stage - different people have different levels of comfort with online intimacy.

There are consequences for lack of consent: Read here for information on the Ignore List.

3) Use the phone or move out of the hospital and into an empty building if your discussion is either not suitable for underaged ears, or too sticky-sweet romance-y for weaker stomachs.

As long as you have consent, make certain your S.O. is above age, and keep the explicit stuff to phone/empty buildings, it's none of my business what you do.


Dean Emeritus

(Tahiti is lovely, thank you! Love you all! ~Vi)

How we treat others Mcmviolet
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How we treat others
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