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 Hey / What the Hell? / What now?

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Hey / What the Hell? / What now? Empty
PostSubject: Hey / What the Hell? / What now?   Hey / What the Hell? / What now? EmptyWed Jan 06, 2010 5:37 pm


My name is Danny Bartlett. I am a sole survivor (first ever character) from Shuttlebank. I met "Amber Waves of Pain", who noticing me struggling; sent me down to St. Simons to patch up some patients for better skill gain and experience (I'm usually stuck behind a shared IP - University - So i get more enjoyable gameplay fixing people over breaking them).

As you no doubt have noticed, St. Simons had been put to ruins by the zombies, as well as most of the surrounding area. Basically I'm lying on the floor not knowing where to go or what to do. If I stand up with no stronghold to go to then I'm afraid I will just get mauled again by the zombie hordes. Help me help you guys fix Eastonwood.

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Robert N. Neville

Robert N. Neville

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Hey / What the Hell? / What now? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hey / What the Hell? / What now?   Hey / What the Hell? / What now? EmptyWed Jan 06, 2010 7:32 pm

Hi Danny, I must say you were pretty lucky since Amber, even if she's one of our dearest friends, is also a notorious pker. Really classy one, I'd say.
But back to your question.
Yes, we were under siege. Ridley Resistence Front attacked us just days ago and we're still shattered. We're kind of waiting in the first place for the RRF to go away, and we're trying to revive as many survivors as we can at same time.
Some of us are actually one suburb north, in shuttlebank, but it's under attack too.
Some others, like me, found shelter south.
But as the zombies are leaving this burb we will go back to our home in st. Simon.
Don't worry if they kill you. At this time it may be even more safe to wait as a zombie than running from building to building.
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Hey / What the Hell? / What now?
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