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 Welcome to Malton College of Medicine's forum

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Violet Begonia
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Welcome to Malton College of Medicine's forum Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Malton College of Medicine's forum   Welcome to Malton College of Medicine's forum EmptySat Nov 22, 2008 3:50 pm

Welcome, one and all, whether you're a student, faculty, staff, ally, friend, or even opponent.

We're a friendly, chatty group, and we have a bunch of fun threads here that everyone is welcome to participate in. Jump right in and post!

If you join and don't post anything, a mod will PM you. If you don't post or respond to the the PM, then we'll assume you're one of our griefers and you'll be banned. One post or PM, guys, that's all it takes.

If you're here for the Winter Games, please post in the relevant thread in the Urban Dead section. Welcome, and have fun!

We don't have a lot of secrets, but we do have a wide assortment of griefers, and so we have several secure areas. If you'd like access, please post below in the 'Want to join?' thread.


We ask that all conversation remain civil and respectful. If not, I will bring down the admin hammer in a flash. We're a warm, supportive group, and I have no qualms about being an evil witch to see to it that we remain that way. Jokes are fine as long as they aren't hurtful. No racism, homophobia, personal attacks, etc. Furthermore, while flirting and innuendo is fine, we have a lot of underage people visiting, so don't go overboard with anything too explicit. Obscene language is filtered with word replacement. And, of course, as with most forums, porn or porn links will result in banning from the forum.

Hopefully this will cover most situations, and we won't have to get too detailed with these rules. The main rule is: HAVE FUN!
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Welcome to Malton College of Medicine's forum
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