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 Places/groups worth visiting?

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PostSubject: Places/groups worth visiting?   Places/groups worth visiting? EmptySun Mar 03, 2013 3:40 pm

Hi everyone,

I have two alts running around Malton, and I've been hoping for some suggestions of interesting groups or locations worth visiting. One is living, the other is living-impaired.

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Dutcher Bailey

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Places/groups worth visiting? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Places/groups worth visiting?   Places/groups worth visiting? EmptySun Mar 03, 2013 11:06 pm

Well, you certainly already know this, but for visitors who may be reading this thread, I'd like to give first mention to the MCM campus, straddling the borders of South Blythville and Greentown. St. George's Hospital is the primary hangout, with the Pippard Building only two blocks away. The folks on campus are active, friendly and informative. Lectures are given by MCM staff for the edification of all. The campus is centrally located to a good number of resource buildings, with Marven Mall a few short blocks south. The majority of people based out of St. George's have a group affiliation, and the groups get along quite well with each other. For the last couple of months, at least, there has been a strong zombie presence attacking the campus, but without much success. MCM and friends quickly repair any damage they might cause. MCM members go on healing runs and operate a revive point and a rot revive clinic on campus.

Another fun location to spend time is Eligius General Hospital in Roftwood. It is the central hangout for a good mix of company. The folks there tend to not worry so much about group affiliation, but pay more attention to one's taste for tea. It also has a good selection of resource buildings nearby and is one block northwest of Hildebrand Mall. At any particular time, the hospital contains about 15-20 people, and the mall usually another twenty or so. Roftwood is only one suburb away from Peppardville, which abuts Fort Creedy, and is immediately southeast of Riddleybank, so there is always a good supply of living-impaired around to keep things interesting.

Edit: clarification of a point.
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Places/groups worth visiting?
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